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Plant Stakes and Supports

All of the prices below (except umbrella) are for items made in smooth, 12mm diameter steel.  For other sizes, finishes and diameters please just ask.


Umbrellas 20mm steel

Large            H200 x D100cm    £300

Standard      H150 x D100cm     £290


Ball Topped Plant Stakes (40mm ball) - Set of 6

Tall           H150cm          £60

Medium    H120cm          £55

Short        H90cm            £50


Orbiting Plant Stakes (40mm ball) - Set of 3

Tall         H120 x 60cm      £99

Regular  H100 x 35cm       £60

Half round.png

Half-round Support Hoops - Per Pair

Large      H10 xW60 xD60cm  £75

Regular   H75 xW45  D45cm  £65

Small      H50 xW30 xD30cm  £55


Edging Loops    Set of 6 

Rounded    H45 xW35cm  £48

 Buy 5 sets (30)                  £220

Gothic        H45 xW35cm £48

 Buy 5 sets (30)                  £220

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