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It's about your outdoor space

Chandelier holders for the garden
Create interest in your plant pots

Making your outdoor space fascinating...
or fabulous!

Space of any kind in the beautiful Surrey Hills countryside is important, especially our gardens. Outdoor rooms if you like! Making them fascinating, and as you will see from some of our gallery pictures sometimes fabulous, is where we shine for our customers.  

Every creation of hand-made metalwork is fabricated in Bramley, Surrey, from start to finish. Personally crafted by us in our small family run workshop using both traditional and modern fabrication techniques.

Alongside our regular pieces, we are able to offer a bespoke design service to enable you to have the perfect size and shape to fit any space that could be enhanced by the addition of some beautiful metalwork.

Talk to us about what you want to achieve in your outdoor space soon. Making your space fascinating is a challenge we enjoy. 



Beebombs for your garden in 2024

We are pleased to offer for sale Beebombs in 2024. A great way to bring the bees back to your outside world.


Contact us for more information or see them at our stand during our 2024 events.

Ready to create for you. 

Flanders Cottages

Shamley Green



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