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Obelisks and Basket Supports

All of the prices below are for items made in smooth, 12mm diameter steel.  For other sizes, finishes and diameters please just ask.

Square cap.png

Square Capped Obelisk 

Tall           H250 xD25-60cm      £265

Medium    H200 xD25-55cm      £225

Short       H150 xD25-50cm      £185

Round Cap.png

Round Capped Obelisk 

Tall          H250 xD20-60cm     £265

Medium   H200 xD20-55cm      £225

Short      H150 xD20-50cm      £185


Square  Obelisk 

Tall          H250 xD30-45cm       £185

Medium   H200 xD30-45cm       £165

Short      H150 xD30-40cm        £145


Round Obelisk 

Tall           H250 xD40-55cm      £185

Medium    H200 xD40-55cm      £165

Short       H150 xD40-50cm       £145

Tall Peony.png

Tall Peony Baskets

Tall                   H90 xD50-40cm      £85

Tall+ Narrow    H 90 xD40-30cm      £70

Tall Flared       H 90 xD55-40cm      £95


Regular Peony Baskets

Regular            H60 xD50-40cm     £70

Reg  Narrow     H60 xD45-35cm     £75

Reg Wide          H60 xD60-50cm     £85


Single Ring Supports

Large           H60 xD60cm     £70

Medium        H60 xD40cm     £50

Small           H40 xD40cm     £40

Single tall.png

Single Ring Support with Grow Through Grid

Large             H60 xD65cm        £105.

Extra Large    H90 xD85cm        £125

XX Large        H90 xD100cm       £145


Extra Tall       H120 xD65cm       £120

Triple ring.png

Triple Ring Support 

Large        H120 xD70-65-60cm     £145

X Large     H120 xD75-70-65cm     £155

XX Large   H120 xD85-75-65cm    £165

Triple grow.png

Triple Ring Support WITH Grow Through Grid

Large        H120 xD70-65-60cm    £195

X Large     H120 xD75-70-65cm    £205

XX Large   H120 xD85-75-65cm.    £215

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